I have three years’ worth of junk to move Stateside this June. Thus, I have decided to take advantage of my trip home for the holidays by taking a suitcase filled with those possessions.

I started packing today. Now, when I pack, I’ll often just toss things in and then sort through it closer to the date of departure.

Once I had filled the suitcase – which took about three minutes – I took a step back to survey my work.

I need to rethink my priorities.

Apparently toys, books, and DVDs are most important in my life.

And yes, this picture has been staged. Originally all you could see were the stuffed animals, but I decided it might be good if you saw a little of what was underneath.

See The Little Prince? Yeah, that’s right, I’m deep like that. I also enjoy Robin Hood, although I only own series 2 because, frankly, they charge way too much for series 1. Also, after the series 2 finale, I lost hope in the show. They didn’t just jump the shark, oh no – they put it in a dress and made it compete on Dancing with the Stars. Like The Matrix Trilogy, I doubt I’ll ever watch the third part.

And yes, I say “series” when I discuss British television because that is what the Brits call “seasons.” I do not like the idea of Americanizing it.

Ten Other Things That I Have Lately Found To Be Important:
01) Coffee is needed for a jump start in the morning, but tea solves all problems.
02) Drinking water really is beneficial.
03) The original is always better than the remake.

    03a) However, I think The Office (USA) is better than The Office (UK). It feels very wrong to type that here, but trust me when I say the decision was a difficult one. Honestly, it’s kept me up many a night.
    03b) Having said that, I still cannot decide who I love more: Jim Halpert or Tim Canterbury. And no, they are not the same character. Not really. More like… distant cousins. Separated by an ocean. I’m rambling. About fictional tv characters. I think it’s because I was sick today and did nothing but watch The Office. American. Season 5. And last week, I watched all of The [UK] Office. Ignore me and go to number 4. Now. Or watch this. Whatever.

04) Sleep. (I obviously need this right now.)
05) Being true to yourself. (And now we’ll all join hands and sing Kumbaya.)
06) Sarcasm. It might be the lowest form of wit, but it certainly helps me get through the day.
07) Books. They never fail me.
08) Church. (Because it’s true, and I needed something deep.)
09) Lists.
10) Facebook.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what’s most important to you right now?


2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. How many people do you think read your blog? And do you ever wonder if your students will…or have found your blog and are secretly waiting to plot your destruction Wikileaks style? Let that settle…hahahahahahahahaha

    1. Jesus
    2. Friends
    3. Purpose
    4. Adventure
    5. Mystery
    6. Sports
    7. Music
    8. Books
    9. Sleep
    10. Food

    Boom. Top ten. The depth of that top ten is unmeasurable. There are not enough books in the world for me to elaborate to the extent necessary for comprehension…hence mystery as #5. It’s like a song I was allowing to take over all processes of thought…”I know that you saved me, but I don’t know how far you had to reach. I swim in your deep love, but I don’t know how wide or how deep. I know that you are good Lord, but I don’t know why you are so good to me.”

    And then we have to ask ourselves if our top ten is the reality of what we live in, or just something we believed in and wanted long enough that typing it satified our need for fulfillment…? Is Jesus really #1…Is coffee really #1? Do we spend more time on facebook or drinking water? Sleep, or music?

    Think about this Emily….transubstanstiation.

  2. How many people read my blog? Hm, not many but enough for me to think twice before posting. I try to watch what I say so as not to have a Wikileaks meltdown. πŸ™‚

    Ah, I think you just Jesus juked me. ( But that’s okay. I’m willing to overlook your Jesus juke because I’m good like that. πŸ˜›

    For the record, I did say ten things that I have *lately* found to be important. So there. πŸ˜›

    I like your list, too, especially number 5.

    (Wow, did it really take this long for me to respond? Sorry, dude.)

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