Geek Moment

Geek Moment

Have you ever had a geek moment? A moment where something happens, and you know that your excitement about said event would never be appreciated by any sane person but would perhaps earn a high-five from some random geek hidden behind a username on the internet?

When I was in Florida this summer with my friend Laura, we went to Kennedy Space Center. When we got to the gift shop, I was surprised and confused when I discovered a large bin containing several furry balls that shook and purred.

I called out to Laura to show her and ask her opinion about what on earth these could possibly be, and then Laura had a geek moment.

She took one look at what I was holding and shouted, “Tribble!”

That really didn’t help me.

Kirk and a whole bunch of tribbles.

Soon Laura was explaining to me the vast wonders of the Star Trek universe, which apparently includes a species known as tribbles. She didn’t buy one that day, although I know she really wanted to. She eventually convinced herself it wasn’t something that she needed.

She did, however, call her dad to gush about the tribbles once it became clear that I was a) clueless and b) not interested.

That’s the thing about geek moments – you need to find someone with whom you can share them. Otherwise, you just feel silly.

Today, Nazym and I had a shared geek moment.

We had just left our hotel after a lazy breakfast during which I drank an entire pot of hot chocolate, and we were walking down the street on our way to the Hagai Sophia.

Suddenly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

It was a small, shiny object, so of course I noticed it. And it was waving at me.

Nazym, also, saw the same small, shiny object waving at her.

And at the same time, we stopped, looked at each other, and shouted, “Lucky Cat!”

Nazym and the lucky cat.

Now, what the heck is a lucky cat? Honestly, from what I can tell, it’s simply a piece of junk. And, quite honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the flesh, or plastic, until today, although I’m sure they’re quite popular in souvenir shops.

Why they would be sold in Istanbul is really beyond me.

And why was this a geek moment for us? Well, just last night, Nazym asked me if I knew of a marvelous British TV show called “Sherlock.” Um, do tribbles multiply?

Thus, as we returned to our hotel this afternoon, we stopped for a photo-op.

There’s no way we’d buy a lucky cat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t geek over it.

Oh, and apparently I really must read the Erast Fandorin series because, as Nazym said, “he’s smarter than Sherlock Holmes.”

Ah, post-soviet culture. They love them some detective fiction.

P.S. Today I had a minor geek moment all by myself: I bought a fez.

Fezzes are cool.

Plus, I’ve regretted not buying one when I was in Morocco.

But I won’t lie. Fezzes are just really cool.


4 thoughts on “Geek Moment

  1. LOL. This is great. I actually would have jumped up and down over the tribble. LOL Oh…and I hear that shooting for the next installment of Sherlock is set to begin soon. woo hoo

    • WOW you’re fast! 🙂
      I’m just not a trekkie. I like Star Wars a lot, but not really Star Trek.
      Yup, I heard Sherlock will start filming in May, although I read this morning online at BBC news that they’ve JUST started filming The Hobbit, so…

      Ah, such a geek reply. I love it.

  2. I’m afraid that if I reply, then I not only am replying to a WordPress page (which is pretty geeky, as it is), but somehow I am giving you a “high-five from some random geek hidden behind a username on the internet.” So, I won’t reply, respond, like or lol (of course, I already have, haven’t I?).

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