Earlier this week, my students in Writing I were sharing their stories with the class. I was sitting at my desk trying to pay attention, but it had been a really long day, and I just couldn’t focus.

One of my students – let’s call her A – was at the front of the class reading her story, when something caught my eye.

A big


      kinda fuzzy

        yet insect-y


            flew into the room.

I held my breath and waited for the class to begin screaming like they always do when a bee flies in, but for awhile no one noticed. As A continued reading, I stared at this monster and tried to figure out just what it was.

I think – although I didn’t think about this then – but I think it was a Macroglossum stellatarum, also known as a hummingbird hawk moth.

At least, I hope that’s all it was, but I can’t seem to find if any hummingbird hawk moths are black, and this was BLACK black.

Black as sin.

Something about the color really terrified me.

And it was fuzzy. I mean it – fuzzy! It looked more like a black bee 3 times its normal size with feathery wings.

It looked like something out of a nightmare.

And there was A, just reading her paper, and I was sitting there thinking, I have to defend the children from this monster.

Crap. That means I have to go near it.

Maybe no one will notice and it will fly back outside on its own.

Of course, no such luck.

I’m not sure who noticed it first, but as soon as someone said, “Look at that!”, the class was in an uproar.

And A just continued to stand there at the front of the room, staring at It.

“Oh, my god!”

“What is it?”

“Kill it, Miss Harris, kill it!”

So then I had to stand up and face it. I walked towards it, not sure of what I was going to do, and then God smiled down upon me.

The Thing flew away and out the window.

And I slammed the window shut before it could fly back in. (It buzzed against the glass angrily.)

“What was it, Miss Harris?”

“It’s so big!”


And with the most perfect timing, A said from the front of the classroom,

                  “That’s what she said.”

And I lost it.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.


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