Day 22 – Book You Plan To Read Next

30 Day Book Challenge: Book You Plan To Read Next

The Winter Queen, Boris Akunin

“‘Here’s to luck!’ cried the drunk – or, perhaps, the madman. Then he raised the hand holding the revolver high above his head, spun the cylinder, and set the muzzle to his temple.

“‘You clown! You motley buvfoon!’ whispered the valiant German matron, demonstrating a quite respectable knowledge of colloquial Russian.

“The young man’s face, already pale, turned gray and green by turns. He bit his lower lip and squeezed his eyes tight shut. The girl closed her eyes, too, just to be on the safe side.

“It was as well she did so, for it spared her a horrendous sight. When the shot rang out, the suicide’s head was instantly jerked to one side and a thin fountain of red and white matter spurted from the exit wound just below his left ear.

“The ensuing scene defies description… People came running up from every side, but it was all too much for the delicate nerves of the student who had been standing beyond the railings, and he took to his heels, fleeing across the roadway in the direction of Mokhovaya street.”

Thank God for Kindles and their free samples. I’m so excited to read this. Unfortunately, I keep getting distracted by Mary Russell.

Ah, Russians and your love for detective fiction! Bless you.

I also want to read a lot of Ellery Queen. And Carole Nelson Douglas’ Irene Adler series. And finish Laurie R. King’s Mary Russell series.

I need to just shut myself up in a room somewhere and read.


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