Day 23 – Book You Tell People You’ve Read But Haven’t

30 Day Book Challenge: Book You Tell People You’ve Read But Haven’t


Book You Haven’t Actually Finished

Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak

Ugh. Suicides. Abusive relationships. Affairs. Russian winters. It’s too much.

Emma, Jane Austen

And while there are far too many adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels – please, for the love of God, stop making films based on Jane Austen’s novels – the most recent adaptation of Emma with Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller is so good, I’m actually tempted to read more than the first page of the book.

The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck

I had to read this in school, but my teacher realized we probably didn’t have enough time at the end of the year, so she told us to read certain chapters and watch the movie.

Weirdest thing ever.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

I chose to take a class over the works of John Milton instead of Shakespeare. Best decision ever, even though I do like Billy.

However, I have in fact read Titus Andronicus. Okay, fine, I skimmed it.

Up Next: Day 24 – Book That Contains Your Favorite Scene


2 thoughts on “Day 23 – Book You Tell People You’ve Read But Haven’t

  1. I did not like The Grapes of Wrath when I first read it. My opinion has gone slightly up in retrospect, though I don’t know if I shall ever read it again. And I have tried quite sincerely to read Emma, but haven’t got beyond the first couple chapters. Which is a pity, because I’ve been told by friends it is most likely to be the Austen book I like the most.

    • I can understand the appeal The Grapes of Wrath has, but I have to admit that Steinbeck often puts me to sleep. I read East of Eden over the last summer, and it was interesting, but I think it could have been edited down to a 100 pages shorter. At least.

      Jane Austen’s novels are free in Amazon’s Kindle store. I’ve already downloaded Emma with the intention to read it. At some point. 🙂

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