Are You Asking Me To Dance?

Originally written June 12, 2010

I don’t like to dance-
I don’t like to feel awkward-
I will dance alone.

I must always lead.
I don’t know how to follow:
I’ve led all my life.

I cannot relax,
I can’t let you lead me through
the crowded ballroom.

No, no, no! Please! I-
Oh, I don’t- sorry. Are you-
You are- but I – ok.

I don’t know this step-
in, out among the couples-
I don’t know my role.

Can we be simple?
A step, step, slide, twirl me ’round-
Just a simple step.

I can’t catch my breath,
and I’m having fun, I guess,
but-do I trust you?

Don’t you even think
about dipping me-not yet.
Let’s go slow, steady.

And until I find my feet-
can I stand on top of yours?


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