NaNoWriMo – Day 12

Day 12 – Imagine you’re behind in your word count goals (even if you’re not) and are going to pull an all-nighter to catch up. Screencap a playlist of inspirational music you would use to get you up to speed.

My current playlist


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Day 12

  1. I just have to say that I really love your novel…I love that so far there have been at least three scenes/chapters that have held me in suspense. I love the characters. I love that it is based upon family members (albeit, family that I married into:). I love how you are crafting everything together.

    My only advice, and it is not really that, is that you have a wonderful conclusion that will make it worth it to have read the book…you don’t want to be like the TV series, “Lost.”

    It is a privilege to read the novel as it is taking form and an honor to be your father!


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