NaNoWriMo – Day 14

Day 14 – Is the sexuality of your characters a large part of your novel’s story? If so, are there characters who deviate from the heterosexual “norm”? In what way?

Considering the fact that the major inspiration for this story was the idea of a teenage girl running away from home and eloping with her twenty-something boyfriend, I’d say yes, the sexuality of my characters is a part of the story. At this point in time, there are no characters who deviate from the heterosexual norm, nor do I think any will be. While I do find the influence of a person’s orientation on their psyche and personality rather fascinating and recognize that sexuality can be a powerful tool in exploring a character and their motivation, I do not think I will use this in my story. Frankly I do not wish to use my novel in an issue that is so passionately debated as this would mean that I would have to take a side, and I don’t wish to make my story a platform for anyone’s agenda. That’s not the purpose of the novel, and I don’t want to cloud the story with anything extra that will only detract from the story.

It is a story about love, but not just romantic love. It’s a story about how love can be two-faced. On the one hand, love can make you strive to do what’s right, but on the other it can make you do what is evil, too.

At least, I think that’s what the story is about.


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