NaNoWriMo – Days 27 & 28

Day 27 – What’s your word count now? Are you satisfied with your progress or panicked that you won’t have enough time to finish by November 30?

Current word count: 48,140

I am satisfied. I am actually proud of myself because I wrote a little while I was away this week in England, and I didn’t think I was going to be able to do that given how busy my time was. I guess there are positives to jet lag.
I am a little panicked, though – I only have 1,860 words left to write, but there’s still this fear of the blank page.

Day 28 – Name one thing you shafted all month in favor of participating in NaNo.


I guess mine would have to be looking seriously for a job. I was definitely more focused on that in October.


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