Book Meme: The Sequel

There’s another book meme floating around the Internet, and I want to do it. The lovely writers at The Egotist’s Club have created one that I think sounds like fun.

Book Meme 2012

Instead of writing something every day for a month, this year’s meme will be one post every week for ten weeks, which is nice because that gives me a little time to actually think it through and write well.

The topics:

    Week 1: Book Crush(es)

    Week 2: Books I’d give a theme song to

    Week 3: Best villain

    Week 4: Best love story

    Week 5: Characters and literary figures I’d name my children after

    Week 6: The author by whom you own the most books

    Week 7: Favorite words and phrases, or lines and literary allusions that would win your heart.

    Week 8: Best Story Settings

    Week 9: Book(s) that you would bring on your honeymoon. (ie; so intrinsic to your life that it MUST be shared with your life partner as soon as possible. Or just fun to read together.)

    Week 10: Books that I would bring if the world was going to be destroyed by aliens/cylons and we had to restart civilization as we know it. (ie: the basis of human knowledge and thought and civilization.)

As you can see, this meme is going to be a bit heavy with the romance. I apologize in advance if I get a little fluffy and cheesy. I’ll do my best to maintain control and not start ranting like a preteen on Tumblr. (No offense if you are a preteen or on Tumblr.) Some of them I’ve already done before, so I’ll have to come up with fresh ideas.

I’ll try to get Week One posted by Friday. If not, at some point this weekend. As for anything else, we’ll have to see. I’ve been lacking in the inspiration department lately. Maybe this will help kick-start the creative juices.

Special thanks to The Egotist’s Club for creating this, and to David for getting my attention.

P.S. If anyone else is interested in doing this, let me know. I’d love to read your stuff.


3 thoughts on “Book Meme: The Sequel

  1. You’re welcome! Can’t wait to see your choices. I’m working on my Week 2 post now.

    Btw, I created a separate page on The Warden’s Walk for this meme, and I’m trying to list/link all the other bloggers in my ever-expanding circle who are participating. If you know another good book blogger who’s joining in, let me know and I can add them.

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