10 thoughts on “Week Three – Best Villain

  1. Yup.. shes definitely one of the worst villains ever. I never really hated Voldemort, but Umbridge I hated. I even remember making fun of her name in highschool, me and my friends would call her Armpit.

    • Yes, with Voldemort, Rowling gives enough backstory that I felt sorry for him. Same with Pettigrew. Bellatrix is pure evil, but she’s fascinating, too.
      Umbridge is just piece of work. Ugh.

  2. I agree with you completely. Part of what makes her so evil to me is that she was physically abusive to children. I don’t recall how things ended with her. The last thing I remember was Harry stealing the necklace back from her. However she met her end, it wasn’t good enough.

    • According to Harry Potter Wiki – I don’t have my books handy at the moment – Umbridge was sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban.

      Not good enough.

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  5. So very true. There’s another terrifying aspect to villains like Umbridge. You cannot simply take up arms and fight them. Her victims are almost powerless against her because the has legitimate authority and she is supposed to be on their side. Attempts to stand up to and dislodge villains of this sort almost always fail, which makes we readers even more frustrated! Aigh!

    Anyhow, well chosen.

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