Writers Are Nocturnal

It’s 11:45. I should go to bed. Let me just finish this sentence.

You know, if I don’t write this bit of dialogue, I’ll just forget it and get mad at myself later. Better finish this conversation.

I have to finish this scene.

Wait, wait, five more minutes. I just thought of something that totally fixes that plot hole I had twelve pages back.

I know it’s late, but I’m almost at the end of this chapter.

I can’t stop now. I’ve just created a new character, and he has to have the perfect name.

If I write just ten more pages, I’ll have doubled my quota for the day…

Microsoft just highlighted my sentence in green, and for the life of me I cannot remember what passive voice is. Where’s my handy-dandy grammar book?

How do you spell…

Oh wait, I can’t include that. I’d have to rewrite the entire beginning.

What is my protagonist’s motivation again?

But I have to Google search the Hemsworth brothers. For research.

(I should go see The Avengers. Some day.)

What if this book becomes the Next Big Franchise? Helloooo, Hollywood.

But I’d have to finish it first.

And it’s a teen novel. Which means they’d cast child actors.

Child actors are the worst.

Until they turn thirty. Then they’re cool.

Like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Search “Joseph Gordon-Levitt.”


Five more minutes, just five more minutes.

…Is that the sun?


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