As Delicious and Sinful as Chocolate

It’s here. The official trailer for Joe Wright’s adaptation of Anna Karenina was released.

I am so torn.

On the one hand, this trailer looks as delicious and decadent as cheesecake drizzled in chocolate with chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate eclairs on the side, and a pot of hot chocolate to wash it all down.

Of course it does. It is directed by Joe Wright, after all.

And the cast–the cast! Michelle Dockery. Emily Watson. Kelly Macdonald. Matthew Macfadyen. Jude Law.



(Sadly, it’s not going to be Atonement 2 anymore, but that’s okay.)

On the other hand, if I see this movie, I’ll have to endure two hours of Keira Knightley as Anna. All right, I admit it, I never actually finished the book. I really enjoyed it–it’s just really long. And I hated Anna and Vronsky. I would have much rather spent more time reading about Kitty and Levin. They were by far the more appealing characters.

I think that’s my problem. Everyone always goes on and on about how great and romantic this story is, but when I was reading it, I found Vronsky repulsive and Anna unsympathetic. Their affair was selfish and absurd. I could not cheer them on. It was a relief to start a chapter and find it focused on Levin and Kitty’s sweeter romance.

(On a completely shallow note, watch that trailer again. Now let me ask you–what woman would cheat on Jude Law with Aaron Johnson? A stupid one.)

I’ve never seen any of the previous film adaptations, but I’ve heard that they focused heavily on Anna and cut Levin and Kitty out. The fact that this new film will feature them makes me feel a little bit better.

I don’t know, guys. I know I’ll go see it, I’m just frustrated. A lot of film adaptations coming out this year are bugging me.

Don’t even get me started on The Hobbit.

P.S. If I am going to watch a period drama about aristocratic Russians committing adultery, I’d rather watch Admiral. It was all of that, but it also had Bolsheviks and epic sea battles. And Konstantin Khabenskiy.


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