Spam With a Side of Lochte

Note: We’re not going to talk about Ryan Lochte losing two races to the French. (The French – anyone but the French! Ugh.)

Whatever. I’m fine. 

So… remember when I blogged about the USA Olympic swim team’s viral video to “Call Me Maybe?” Well, I got loads of comments on that one. Loads.

Okay, fine. I got loads of spam.

At first I was just amused. I mean, I tend to get the odd spammer when I post, sure. And sometimes I’ll write something that gets quite a few hits in a day, and the spammers sit up and take notice.

But this – this is unprecedented.

After my post was pubslished, I was spammed within an hour. Later that night, I had another comment. When I signed in today, I had nineteen. In the time it took to read them, I received my twentieth.

They are hilarious.

I’m jumping on the Share-And-Respond-To-Spammers bandwagon here, but some of these just make me laugh, and I want to share. So in honor of Monday, here are my favorites from the list. Enjoy.

From fingernail fungus treatment:

I’ll make a deal with you, fingernail fungus treatment: I’ll use spellcheck, and you brush up on your punctuation and capitalization skills. Okay?

Oh, what were you trying to tell reality? I’m curious.

From shocking videos:

I wrote the e-book. Wow.

“Force the message home?” That doesn’t sound very PC to me. Where’s the tolerance in that?

From ripped usa muscle:

The clarity of that last question scares me. However, you call yourself “ripped usa muscle”. You wouldn’t happen to know Lochte by any chance?

From Cheap offshore hostingldedicated servicelcheap webhosting:

No, thank you one million! You’re enthusiasm rocks! However, I do not think that I qualify as a professional on Lochte, the USA swim team, or Carly Rae Jepsen.

From Seo Pressor:

Thank you for your concern. May the SEO be ever in your favor.

From Affordable IT Services, Free IT Consultation,IT Research papers and all related to IT:

God bless you, too, man.

From pinguinos que vuelan:

I’m going to make that my new motto, pinguinos: “At all times maintain it up!”


I’m terribly flattered, cantando, but I think we’re moving too fast. I think we should see other bloggers. It’s not me, it’s you.

Financial Services for Iran:

How could we be in contact? Iran wants to contact me?

gold earrings:

I’m sure there will be more opportunities for you to learn more about the USA team.

And yes, it is time to be happy. Here, have a funny picture of Ryan Lochte.

Disclaimer: GIFs and pics of the edible Spam and Lochte are not mine. I found the Lochte pic at Ria Novosti. The inedible spam was a present, and I intend to use it however I wish.

Update 08/01/12: Since publishing this post, Gold Medals For Being Totally Awesome has been awarded another 6 spam comments, bringing the total to 25 spam comments. My favorite was the spammer who saluted me with, “Hello my family member!”

Thank you.


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