Hobbit Read-Along Brainstorm

Anybody interested in blogging with us as we get psyched about The Hobbit? It shall be epic.

Credit: Photo taken from The Hobbit Facebook page.

The Warden's Walk

As you all should know and be unbelievably excited about, the first installment of The Hobbit trilogy directed by Peter Jackson will be released in U.S. theaters December 14 of this year.

Mild Tolkien purist and sometimes übergeek that I am, I like to be up on my Tolkien source material whenever an adaptation comes out. The LOTR trilogy was released right about the time I finished reading the books. Since it’s been close to ten years, possibly more, since I’ve actually read The Hobbit, however, this season seems like the optimum time to return to it.

And I want youto join me! In a Read-Along! (From an unknown source the theme song of Reading Rainbow starts playing…)

I don’t plan on doing a formal review for The Hobbit (or The Lord of the Rings, if I go on and reread them too), so this seems…

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2 thoughts on “Hobbit Read-Along Brainstorm

  1. My nephews and niece are staying with me for a few days, and Matt (aged 9) proudly held up a copy of The Hobbit and said he’s starting to read it. “So, maybe we could read some more while I’m here…?”

    Like I’d say no to that. +) Only difficulty is that I’ve dedicated the evenings to the Olympics. But I’m sure I can find time for this.

    • You can’t say no! That’s awesome. If you read it aloud, you should do voices, at least for Gandalf and Gollum. 🙂

      Oh, and you can totally squeeze it in with the Olympics. If not, just be the cool uncle who lets them stay up way past their bedtime. It is summer still.

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