The World Has Changed…

The last four days in bullet points:

  • Babies take their time being born.
  • iPads are limited in their excellence.
  • I apparently love Percy Jackson enough that I will cuddle him as I sleep on the couch in the hospital’s waiting room at 4 a.m. (I woke up with my arms wrapped around The Battle of the Labyrinth.)
  • My sister gets all the awards for having a 9lb 10oz baby naturally.
  • Hospital food is gross unless you just had a baby. That’s when you get all the good stuff.
  • The most mundane actions of a baby are fascinating. Cooing quiets a room. Sneezing amuses. Pooping is applauded.
  • Yes, I feel free to use the word “poop” in my blog now.
  • I am jealous of anyone holding my niece.
  • I really like being an aunt.




4 thoughts on “The World Has Changed…

    • Yes, my respect for her has skyrocketed.
      Being an aunt is fantastic. I spent about 2 hours yesterday just holding her. I was accused of hogging the baby. Yeah, well, guilty as charged.

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