Update: Writing

I’m still writing.


Blogging for Retail

My online portfolio

I have the opportunity to blog for the business I work at. I also do a lot on our social media sites. Behind the scenes, I write a lot of copy.

It’s all very different for me. I work in baby retail. It’s not an area of business that I ever really had much interest in before, and it’s strange to think that I now have an opinion on cloth diapering or crib mattresses. But I do. And I really enjoy work.

Franklin Goose


Retail hours can be frustrating, however. I don’t have weekends anymore. Not really.

Downton Abbey - Violet Crawley

Manuscript, Numero Dos

I’m in the process of editing my second story. I had hoped to work on a chapter per week, but I made an executive decision last week that shot that idea in the foot. I am still editing chapter one, and I’m writing new material, too! Because I realized that when I muse over this story, I see it as having 2 main characters, and therefore, I thought it only write right, (sorry–Freudian slip), to let the second also share his side of the story. At least partly.

We’ll see how long that lasts. It’s a bit of writing out of my comfort zone. This second character I know well, having created him, and yet helping him find his voice is proving to be a challenge because he’s very different from the original protagonist.

So, yeah. Any thoughts? Tips? Suggestions? Writing gigs?


3 thoughts on “Update: Writing

  1. “I thought it only write” is that intentional? Either way, it made me giggle.

    Something that helps me find a character’s voice sometimes is imagining, or even writing out conversations between them and other characters. Scenes that don’t happen in-story, topics that wouldn’t come up, characters that never meet (sometimes who don’t live in the same area or even time). My characters seem to walk the length and breadth of my brain to the point where they comment on stories that I watch and read. One character, in particular, is very bad about that. He has strong opinions regarding vampires.

    Also, though you probably know this one, listening to conversations and picking up quirks and patterns.

    • BLAST! No, that wasn’t intentional. I do that all the time. Ugh. Ah, well. It’s fixed now. 🙂

      I’ve done that before, but then I always write something and think, “This should be in the actual story. It’s really good.” Sometimes, too, when I’ve spent time creating a backstory on a character, I find myself unable to judge just how much should be revealed in the story.

      Yes, that helps. I should do that more.

      • I struggle with homonyms too.

        I think if you are tempted to put it into the story, then it’s working! 😉 The use of an out-of-story character helps remove the temptation of folding it into the story, but there are usually good elements than can be recycled.

        Oh, I hear you on the back story problem. I usually just wait and see what comes out naturally in-story, otherwise I will over-think myself into a corner. Even un-revealed back-story serves the great purpose of giving characters depth and making them real on the page.

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