Happiness & Joy


Happiness is a warm hug. Happiness is a smile. Happiness is saying to a 5-month-old, “Give me five!” and she does.

Happiness is a cooing baby. Happiness is giggling over a pouty face. Happiness is sunshine and cool breezes and your fingers smelling like “the outside.”

Happiness is hundreds of instagram photos.

Happiness is the outpouring of joy.

Joy is making silly faces in public and not caring because it makes your niece laugh.

Joy is going home proudly smelling of spit-up.

Joy is holding your baby niece as she falls asleep in your arms while the pastor speaks of God. Joy is the warmth of that baby snuggled into your chest, her body rising and falling with the swelling of her lungs. Joy is realizing how great and powerful God is to create such a marvelous child. Joy is knowing that you are holding beauty itself. Joy is understanding that if you can love your niece so much that your heart can’t possibly contain it, then just how much can a parent love her child?

Joy is feeling completely humbled by the overwhelming love of God encapsulated in a child.


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