On Friday, my friend and co-worker Mandy told me something very important. Something true that I had just never put into words for myself:

“Emily, you are no one‘s Manic Pixie Dream Girl.”

(This was said after I explained MPDG to her. And I might have been dressed like a Lumineer.)

This is true for 3 reasons –

  1. I’m not manic,
  2. I am not, nor will I ever be, pixie-sized, and
  3. I am real.

And yet – and yet – this keeps happening.

Do you know how exhausting it is to be the MPDG? Do you know how painful it is?

Guys, just stop. It’s disrespectful. It’s false.

It’s a sham.

So I’ll make you a deal, guys. If you can grow up and grow a pair and stop projecting your fantasy girls onto all of us real women,

I’ll stop expecting you all to be Lloyd Doblers.


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