Emily Reads A Game Of Thrones

I'm just following the map.

I’m just following the map.

This week I was lent a copy of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. For the last few years – I guess since the HBO show premiered – I have considered reading the series, but I always hesitate.

jessica day gif

I’m not really sure I can handle it.

Plus, now everyone loves Game of Thrones because of the show – even President Obama. It’s just too… mainstream.

hipster alice

Oh gosh.

Anyway. I now have A Game Of Thrones sitting so innocently next to me, and I think—I think–I’m going to read it. Yeah. I’m going to do it.

I’m going blind into this. I haven’t watched the show, and even though it’s widely popular, I’ve only picked up on a few things:

  • There’s a throne.
  • And maybe a game, but that could be just a metaphor.
  • Sean Bean is (was?) in the show, so obviously at least his character dies.
  • But I did see this, so I guess I shouldn’t get attached to anyone.
  • I’m not going to be able to pronounce anyone’s name.
  • There’s some chick with dragons, and she’s apparently awesome.
  • There was something called the “red wedding,” and it freaked everyone out.
  • Oh, and winter’s coming.


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I have to psych myself up for this. And I think I’m going to have to be real nerdy and read this while making character charts and taking notes. Just to keep track of everything. I could treat it as training for The Brothers Karamazov. (I still got to read that one. Time is running out.)


Has anyone else read A Game Of Thrones? What did you think? Any bets how long it’s going to take me to finish this? You know, because I have to work and write and babysit and eat and sleep. I have a life. Of sorts.

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3 thoughts on “Emily Reads A Game Of Thrones

  1. Can’t help you, but I do wish you good luck! I’ve decided, at least for now, that GoT is not for me, and my brother, who loves the series, tends to agree with me.

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