3. Object

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

Emily’s thoughts on the third installment of Jubilare’s writing prompts:

3. Name an object you would like to see featured in a story

An object I would like to see featured in a story? Like an object you don’t find in most stories? I dunno, a pen? The pen is mightier than the sword, after all. No, that won’t do: Percy Jackson has a pen that turns into a sword.

Hmm, let me just take a look around—

My grandmother is sweeping up with her Swifter, so—a broom? No, witches ride brooms.

What about a book? I see a book. No, not a book.

My grandmother has tiny figurines on her bookshelves—nope, I forgot about The Indian in the Cupboard.

A peach!

Oh right, James lived in one.

A cell phone? Nope, I saw Cellular.

What about…


Yeah. Scotch tape.

Has anyone written a story where tape is a major plot device?


Well, all right then.

So a story about tape.

[Thinks for a few seconds.]

Tape is boring.


2 thoughts on “3. Object

  1. Ah, I had forgotten about the Indian in the Cupboard! I loved those books.
    You know, tape doesn’t have to be boring, it all depends on the story, eh? Maybe it is archival matting tape that creates portals into the past? Or allows one to talk to subjects of a painting? …hm… I like that idea.

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