4. Spell

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(via Pinterest)

Jubilare’s 4th Writing Prompt:

4. Make up a name for a spell and tell me what it does.

Revo Locus or the “Second Chance Charm”

When used, allows one to right a wrong.  Revo Locus does not stop time but prolongs it. It will also restrain the parties involved so as to give the witch or wizard the opportunity to have the final say. The spell can only be used by the caster once an hour, and can only affect the forty-five seconds prior to being uttered.

Revo Locus can be easily countered if it is expected to be used. It is common for many to pronounce the counter-curse upon confronting a spouse, friend, sibling, etc., so as not to prolong an argument indefinitely (see The Great Row of 1435).

While it is a simple charm, it is often a controversial one, with some opposers wishing to have it banned. Opposition to Revo Locus often argue that the charm encourages a false sense of justice, and there have been many criminal cases whereupon investigation it is revealed that the offenses occurred when the defendants cast the charm out of anger.

Supporters of Revo Locus, however, argue that the charm has saved lives, whether in small cases such as potential child drownings (see Penelope Bridgewater, 1989) or in extreme situations like the Diagon Alley Bombing of 1971, a misnomer as the quick-thinking wizard Melvin Schultz was in fact able to stop the bombing by recognizing the danger and using Revo Locus. (See Diagon Alley Bombing of 1971 and The Knights of Walpurgis.)

It should be noted that Revo Locus, like all spells, can save lives, but it lacks the ability to bring the dead back to life.

Revo Locus is expressly forbidden at voting polls and in government institutions, as well as at sporting events such as Quidditch matches. (See Quidditch Handbook and Quidditch World Cup 1813.) However, outside the Magical World there has been little enforcement in Muggle sports, and it is believed that many wizards and witches, particularly Muggle-born ones still involved in their Muggle communities, have altered the outcome of tournaments in their favor. (See Muggle Sports: Baseball—World Series 1919).

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)


I’m such a Harry Potter fan that I couldn’t resist making this as Harry Potterish as possible. Plus, I’ve been obsessed with the FIFA World Cup, and there have been a couple of times when I’ve wished I could have used a spell like this. (My heart is still broken, Team USA.)



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