6. Ghost

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6. What is your favorite ghost/folk/scary story?

It’s been weeks—months, actually—since I took up Jubilare’s challenge, and I just have to concede defeat:

I can’t come up with a favorite ghost story.

I don’t like begin scared, especially with things that are really creepy. I mean, I can think of several times in my childhood, adolescence, and yes, even adulthood, where I’ve slept with the lights on because of some story or movie.

At the same time, there is something so interesting about the supernatural and life after death.

via Pinterest.

via Pinterest.

I can’t take a walk on an autumn day without thinking about ghosts.

The ghosts of people who walked this path before me.

I look at old houses, and I wonder who lived there. Who died there. What was life like when this house was new and full of dreams?

I find cemeteries beautiful. They are full of stories.

I think the pull, for me at least, towards ghosts and haunted houses, is not to be scared or tempted by evil, but to marvel at how precious life is. How important it is to live, to be a part of community.

The ghost stories that I do like? They tend to have one unifying theme: no one wants to be alone.

They are about people who long to be set free from loneliness. Who struggle to end a period of waiting for whatever is on the other side for them.

And I think everyone can relate to that.

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2 thoughts on “6. Ghost

  1. It sounds like you and I have a lot in common, here. I also don’t like being scared. I have an over-active imagination (as if that is any surprise) and scare easily, though perhaps different things scare you than scare me. That’s why I loathe horror films, though I like suspense. What I am looking for is what you are talking about, here… that autumn feeling, the graveyard ghosts that are not vengeful, but simply Are. You say you do have ghost stories you like. If so, it might help me if you tell me what they are. 🙂

    • Right now, the only ghost story that comes to mind is The Others with Nicole Kidman. I really enjoyed that one when I first saw it. I liked how the twist (which I won’t give away if you haven’t seen it!), and I liked how overall it was less of a ghost story and instead a story about fear and grief.

      I did hear a ghost story this past weekend and thought of you. Have you heard of Rock Island Arsenal? During the American Civil War it served as a prison for Confederate soldiers. In Gone With the Wind, Ashley is a prisoner at Rock Island. Anyway, the Rock Island National Cemetery is supposedly the final resting place of some of those Confederates. The current cemetery is new–the Arsenal wanted to expand, and so they moved the cemetery to a new location. The old cemetery is now a golf course.

      However, my friend told me that there was a documentary done on Rock Island Arsenal, and it was discovered that when the cemetery was moved, for some reason the powers that be decided it was too difficult to actually move the bodies, so they just moved the headstones. The bodies are still underneath the golf course!

      Now here’s where the ghosts come in. My friend used to work at the Arsenal in the daycare center, and she said that there was a little boy at the daycare who would go and look out the window at the golf course, and then he would cry and scream about the men on the golf course. And according to my friend, the kid made it very clear that he wasn’t talking about the golfers!

      Dun dun dun.

      I would never have believed that story had anyone else told it to me, but my friend is–I believe–trustworthy and rational, so…

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