What You Can Bear

long“No one even mentions him at all now,” she said, one day, to Mrs. Hill. “He may as well have never been here at all.”

“That is certainly not true.”

“But he was somebody. He was.”

“Sarah, I know.”

“But you won’t do anything.” Sarah pushed back her chair. “I’m going looking for him.”

“Don’t be silly.”

“It makes perfect sense. I’m going to go round all the villages, and knock at every door—“

“No, Sarah.”

“Someone will have seen him. I can just keep on going till I find that person, and then—“

“Sarah. You cannot. You must not.”

“I have to—“ Her voice cracked. “I cannot bear—“

“Don’t be so bloody stupid!” Mrs. Hill slapped her hand down on the table, making Sarah jump, and the crocks rattle. “You have no idea at all yet what you can bear!


Jo Baker


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