Going to the Chapel: Readings

Roddy, Not Another Happy Ending (2013)

Not Another Happy Ending (2013)

You’d think that having spent numerous years and money studying and teaching literature I would be able to come up with readings for my own wedding. But friends, it is really hard.

I mean, sure, I have a few scripture ideas, and Shakespeare is very inspirational, but I’m hitting a wall.

So I thought I’d ask for help from the Internet! What did you/would you have at your wedding?

What are your favorite literary passages on love, marriage, family, etc?

How have you seen literary readings used in weddings?

Please leave a quote in the comments–plus the author and title!

Of course, I’d prefer a reading that means something to me and my Jordan, but there are still a few months before the wedding. I have time to read.

I think.



Mostly, I just want to talk books…


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