The Author

Emily Harris was born in America, but she didn’t stay there. She was raised in Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country of the world and a former member of the Soviet Union. When her family kicked her out of the nest, she found herself in the state of Missouri where she formally studied English and writing, and informally American culture.

When her four years were up, she found herself once again in the land of the Kazakhs. She taught ninth grade Language Arts at an international school, and she sometimes dabbled in British Literature and Drama.

In August 2011, Emily ran away to London, a city she has loved since she was a small child. She spent five weeks on a teacher training course and way too much money on tourist attractions.

In May 2012 Emily ran away again, this time to New York City. She hoped to find her place and purpose in the City, as well as a decent job, but instead she spent most of her time drinking ice coffees in Central Park.

She is a Christian, the one label that she is willing to embrace, warts and all.

Emily considers herself to be a back-sliding Anglophile. She speaks her mother-tongue fluently and a little Russian. When she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found reading or watching far too much British telly. She’s also addicted to the Internet, bookstores, and texting, and she continues to buy Converse All-Stars, much to her mother’s displeasure.

Emily started working on a Young Adult fantasy novel that was birthed out of The Hunger Games hype of 2012. She also has plans on extending the story as a trilogy, should she succeed in finding the inspiration to finish it.

Her first (unfinished) novel, a literary piece set in pre-WWI America and very, very loosely based on her great-great grandparents Charlie and Ruth Johnson, is currently resting in a box in Virginia.

If Emily’s life were a book, she hopes she’d be a private detective or at least a complex sidekick.


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